High quality of grain crops

High quality of grain with an average purity of 98.9% and optimal level of moisture.

Machine calibration of cultures with subsequent division by varieties.

Conveyor products packaging into environmentally friendly package.

Legal and customs support, using knowledge of the nuances of international trade.

Production is taken directly from the farmers of Ukraine and the nearest countries, what guarantees the best price.

Container method of international shipping, the most reliable and fast instrument.

Products quality

During procurement, processing and storage we use the highest standards and rules which are strictly obeyed by each participant of each process. You may rely upon the quality of our products.

We shipped more than 25,000,000 tons of grain crops in 57 countries all over the world

Convenient service

Our team approaches all the processes with care and in a responsible manner, in accordance with national laws and standards. You can fully trust us with most of work.

We have performed over 4,000 successful transactions for the sale of grain crops

Price and logistics

Thorough knowledge of the best farms in the world and transport interchange allows us to make the optimal purchase price of the product you need. We guarantee the best price and reliable delivery.

98% of transactions receive the exact adherence to delivery deadlines